If it rains “you won’t melt”

If it rains “you won’t melt”

We live in the Northern Ireland after all. Rain is part and partial of our way of life. It’s a drag I know and we wish everyday for sun especially when on holidays. We just need a little break and when that break occurs please god some sunshine. However if it rains…..its not the end of the world. A time to go for a walk in the forest and explore….take your bikes and do mountain bike trails and come back thick with mud….go to the beach and listen to the crashing waves…. go for a drive along the coastal route of the Northcoast….sit in the hot tub with the rain pouring down on you or just lie back cuddle up to your loved ones and watch a movie knowing you have nothing else to do or be anywhere else. You can just be…in the moment and enjoy every minute! You are on holidays. Time to switch off, relax no matter the weather.


The Fairy Glen

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